Stefan Tilinca

Helping you transform your long-term health with expert, personalised, effective and affordable online personal training.

About Me

When you invest in online personal training, it’s only right that you’ll want to make sure the personal trainer you choose to guide you on the journey is right for you. After all, we’re going to form a professional relationship that means we’ll be in each other’s lives for a while.

Here’s some information about me that’ll help you decide if I’m the right personal trainer for you…

Originally from Romania, my educational path led me to qualify as a barrister from the University of Law in Bucharest, but I soon realised my passion, motivation and aspirations to help people lay elsewhere. To combat the stress of practising as a newly qualified barrister, I turned to the gym, and it was there that I discovered my true vocation: To become a personal trainer and help my clients transform their lives through diet and fitness.

Having moved to the UK in 2020, I followed my dreams to become a professional personal trainer. Through a mixture of self-study and professional courses I pushed myself to learn everything I could about the industry and have been helping people to transform their lives through personal training for 5+ years.

Keeping up-to-date with current, evidence-based techniques is important to me, and I spend much of my free time studying health-related topics to give my clients the best possible diet and fitness advice to help them achieve outstanding results.

Throughout my own personal journey and as a professional personal trainer, it’s clear to me that diet, fitness and mental health go hand-in-hand. I’m currently studying a degree in counselling at the University of Worcester so that I can support my clients in all aspects of their health and well-being to lead happier, healthier lives.

Don’t just read about me; let’s talk! A proper conversation will reveal if I’m your ideal personal trainer. Let’s connect and shape your fitness journey together.

Your Mental and Physical Health Is In Safe Hands

Your fitness partner matters!

To ensure your journey is guided by expertise choose a personal trainer armed with the right qualifications to sculpt success.

Level up your fitness game by selecting a partner with the perfect blend of skill and passion!

Fueled by a passion to see you conquer your health goals, my qualifications are the secret sauce in your fitness journey.

My toolbox of expertise includes…

As well as professional qualification I also have professional indemnity insurance cover for total peace of mind.

Attainable And Affordable Online Personal Training

If you’re looking for an online personal trainer who provides expert guidance, personalised diet and fitness plans, and unwavering motivation and accountability – look no further!

I’m a committed professional dedicated to helping you transform your journey towards a happier, healthier future.

My guarantee to you is to help guide you on every step of your personal training journey with professional diet and fitness plans personalised to match your needs.

My customised online personal training service offers…

Ready to join forces and conquer your health, diet and fitness goals together? Let’s work together for a collaborative journey to success.

My Own Body Transformation

In 2023 I decided to push myself phsically and mentally to compete in my first bodybuilding competition with the United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association (UKDFBA).

Using my firsthand experience, knowledge and expertise I can help you to level up your own body transformation to take centre stage.

The Benefits of Bodybuilding

When done correctly, bodybuilding offers a myriad of benefits beyond just building muscle.

It’s proven that bodybuilding boosts metabolism, enhances cardiovascular health and promotes overall well-being.

Further than the physical gains, the mental discipline developed in the gym can positively impact other aspects of life, helping you to develop resilience and a healthy mindset for life.

Ready to level up your own body transformation? Start today and witness the incredible power of bodybuilding in shaping not just your muscles, but your entire life.